Algarve hotel trade demanding more health tourism

Hotels and hospitals in the Algarve are aiming to join forces with the objective of creating tourist packages that will attract health patients from aboard, who are looking to undergo treatments, in a region where the health industry is booming.

This was confirmed by Nuno Aires, head of the Algarve Tourism Board, who in an interview with Lusa News Agency confirmed that the growth in so called ‘health-tourism’ is already being translated into concrete investment, with the first Longevity Group resort in the country having officially opened this month in Monchique.

Comparable to what has happened in countries such as Poland, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Israel, the Algarve could become the first region in Portugal to consolidate into a fully-fledged health and well-being destination.

“The objective is to bring patients from aboard to have treatments done in the Algarve, making the most of the hospitality that exists here”, he said, also highlighting benefits relating to the region’s moderate climate and the fact that the patient’s family could also accompany them.

Most of the 20-plus high-quality spas located in the Algarve have hotels associated to them, while alternative thermal treatments and water therapy are also available.

The majority of the spas are located in five-star hotels, between Lagos and Vale do Lobo (Loulé). There are also a variety of private hospitals in Faro, Lagos and Portimão that cater for all types of medical intervention.

The challenge is now to bring all these services together, to offer a quality product for a person’s well-being. Some private heath groups are already marketing this type of product in countries such as Germany, Scandinavia, Spain and the UK, Nuno Aires revealed.

On Sunday the first anti-ageing resort in the country, the Longevity Wellness Resort, was inaugurated in Monchique.

Located in the heart of Monchique, conveniently next to the renowned springs, the resort comprises 195 apartments that are available for rent, should the owners wish to do so.

Resort director Anil Sampat said “a good part” of the apartments, which cost on average €200,000, are already sold.

Around 100 people, mostly locals, have been employed to work at the resort.

Surrounded by the vivid green of the Monchique Mountain, the resort has three indoor and outdoor pools, medical and aesthetic treatment centres, and a putting green.

Several types of medical interventions are available, ranging from “specific procedures” carried out by specialists, to regular beauty treatments, and well-being activities such as yoga, meditation, walking and horse-riding.



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