Tennis Holidays in Algarve

The Algarve is widely acknowledged as one of the best places to play golf but, whilst this reputation is supported by the wealth of greens found in the area, it is also popular for tennis.

Algarve Car Hire and Tennis HolidaysTennis remains a sport that many people wish they could play but never actually get round to learning. Well, holidays in the Algarve could be the key to beginning a tennis adventure as there is a surprising amount of places to play and learn.

Plenty of Choice

All along the picturesque coast of the Algarve are tennis courts and schools, just waiting to be discovered. It is estimated that tennis is the third most popular sport in Portugal, which you wouldn’t think considering the dearth of top Portuguese tennis stars in the international game.

However, this hasn’t stopped many of the world’s top players from regularly visiting these shores for a round or two at one of the top centres.

Holidaymakers can easily book themselves into one of the centres for some lessons. There are tennis centres in most of the main resorts and for those that don’t have one, access to others is convenient. Many of the teachers are multilingual meaning that learning under the sweltering sun is easy.

So instead of taking lessons in the drab suburbs of a UK centre, inject some sunshine and flair into your game with tennis lessons in the Algarve.

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