Folklore Festival at Olhos d'Agua Algarve

On August 25 Olhos d'Agua will host the XIV edition of Folklore Festival, a Folkloric organization of the location that has the support of the municipality of Albufeira and the Parish Council Olhos d'Agua.

Algarve Car Hire and Folklore in AlgarveIn addition to the participation of Rancho Olhos d'Agua Festival in Algarve will present four groups invited from various parts of the country, including the Folklore Stew Spring Flowers, Caldas da Rainha, Folklore Valley Horses, Ribatejo, Rancho Infant Parish Castelões, Tondela, and Folklore and Ethnographic Cabeço of Montachique, Loures.

The event was opened by 20:00 with the traditional ethnographic parade through the main streets of the town that is filled with different rhythms and costumes from various regions, delighting locals and tourists. After the parade ranches to initiate proceedings in the Eye Water Sports Centre.

The practices, customs and traditions will be also evident in several dishes of regional cuisine that visitors will have the opportunity to taste the various pubs in the existing premises of the Festival.

Note that the Folklore of Olhos d'Agua was founded on November 11, 1998, by a group of friends, in order to collect, preserve and promote the traditions and customs of his land. Results of the survey conducted, the group already has a repertoire of about two dozen themes that appear with regularity in performances in the country and across borders, among which performances in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Isle of S. Miguel, in the Azores, Andorra, Germany and Canada. Their dances are disturbed and quite varied, giving a way of being and being of older generations, with great joy, strength and energy, typical of a population accustomed to working from sunrise to sunset, fighting for their survival in field activities and toil of the sea.

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