Tradition of the Holy Bath on the beach of Manta Rota

The traditional summer festivals in honor of São João da Degola begin this Saturday, Aug. 25, with an animation program that extends until the 29th, on the beach of Manta Rota.

Algarve Car Hire Manta RotaThe highlight of the celebrations will be the now customary 'Holy Bath', on 29th August, at 11.00, in full beach of Manta Rota. The famous sea bathing is a meeting that is held annually on August 29, marking the date on which, according to tradition, St. John the Baptist was beheaded.

In years gone by, this was the day that the people coming from the Algarve hills moved to the beach, accompanied with their beasts of burden, to 'bathe'. To not let the tradition die, the association 'The Blanket' put another year in the historical recreation event, drawing hundreds of curious to see how things were in other times.

The ceremony is nonetheless part of the pack animals and transportation, the traditional costumes - how long robes and straw hats - nor forget the usual picnic products with genuine Algarve.

However, since this Saturday, takes place the XI National Folklore Festival, organized by the Folklore beach of Manta Rota. Besides the hosts, the show has the participation of groups of Sintra, Coimbra and Porto.

On Wednesday, August 29, beyond the holy bath at 11.00, a lunch is scheduled at 12.00. 19:00, held a Mass in honor of St. John the Baptist in Largo Casino.

The festivities close with a ball over the group 'Bailasons "at 21:30, and with the birthday celebration of Folk beach of Manta Rota, at 23.30. All concerts take place in the square opposite the Casino.

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