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Faro Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Faro) (IATA: FAO, ICAO: LPFR) (GPS 37°01’07.7"N 7°58’16.4"W), also known as Algarve Airport, is located 4 km to the west of Faro, the Capital of the Southern most District of Portugal.

The airport opened in July 1965. A total of 6.4 million passengers used Faro airport in 2015. The airport became a hub for the first time in March 2010, when Ryanair decided to base seven of its aircraft there.
It is very busy from March to October, to the extent that it becomes a slot coordinated airport.

In July 2017, Faro airport unveiled a new terminal, after a period of expansion and remodeling works.
Faro airport hit the 9 million passengers milestone in 2019.

Inside the arrivals hall at Faro airport you can find:
VIP Lounges
Information counter
Medical Care services
Financial services
Free Wi-Fi connection
Information for tourists
Police station
36 Stores and a Duty Free
16 restaurants and cafés

The Terminal building
Faro Airport is capable of handling six million passengers a year. There are 22 stands of which 16 are remote, with 60 check-in desks and 36 boarding gates.

Since its opening in 1966 Faro airport has had two major developments: the new passenger terminal building in 1989, and its enlargement in 2001.
Faced with growing traffic demand and passenger safety and satisfaction needs, the development plan for 2009–2013 saw Faro airport undergo extensive improvements to runway and infrastructure, as well as a widespread renovation of the airport terminal and commercial areas.

Along with the airports in Lisbon, Porto, Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Horta, Flores, Madeira, and Porto Santo, the airport's concessions to provide support to civil aviation were conceded to ANA Aeroportos de Portugal on 18 December 1998, under provisions of decree 404/98. With this concession, ANA became responsible for the planning, development and construction of future infrastructure.

Airlines and destinations
Many airlines operate regular scheduled direct passenger flights at Faro Airport: 29 airlines to 75 scheduled destinations

Ground transport from and to Faro airport
The airport is close to the A22 highway, with connections throughout the Algarve and direct to Lisbon and Spain.
Faro airport has 3 different car parking areas. The closest parking area is called “Parking P0 / P1 – Classic”, used for short-term visitors, while parking areas P2 and P3 are used for longer term car storage.
Faro airport car park P4 is used by rent a car companies delivering and collecting pre-booked rental cars.

Kiss and Fly is the name for a form of fast parking at the airport. One can drive to the airport to pick up or drop someone off free of charge for up to ten minutes. To drop off passengers, one can stop at the departures curbside and to pick up passengers, you enter the P2 Car Park.

Airport bus routes 14 and 16 run each day between Faro Airport and Faro city centre bus station.
From the bus station there are connections to most other Portuguese cities as well as to many Spanish destinations.
The airport bus route is currently run by a company called "Proximo".

The nearest railway station is Faro station which is about 5.7 kilometres (3.5 miles) away and is located close to Faro city centre bus station.
A study into a rail link to the airport was undertaken in 2018.

Public taxis are available from the airport and operate 24/7. There are several taxi ranks which you can use to hire a taxi from, or you can use a free phone inside the airport to call a taxi. The majority of curbsidetaxis at the airport will only carry up to four passengers; if you require a bigger taxi, it is best to use to the phone inside.

Car rentals
There are all major car rental companies that can provide car hire service from the Airport. These companies are mainly located at "Parking P4 - Car Hire". Car hire can also be arranged from within the airport.
Car Rental companies like MyAlgarveCar deliver their online pre-booked cars through the Faro car hire reservation at car park P4 which is very near from the door off the airport terminal building. The cars are delivered and collect directly at the airport car park without the need for the customers to take any bus or suttle to outside depot.

Information based from Wikipedia

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How to pay A22 tolls if you drive a MyAlgarveCar car

A22 tolls electronic payment

Always with the aim of providing the best possible service to our customers and knowing that the payment of tolls on the A22 or Via do Infante in Algarve is a major concern, from now on all the Algarve Car Hire cars delivered by Yor Car Hire in the Algarve and booked using our booking form for Algarve will be equiped with the electronic transponders for automatic payment of the A22 tolls.

The transponder does not need to be pre-booked as it will be available on arrival for all the clients that wish to have it.

All rental cars have the transponders and are connected to the license car number. They can't be removed from the car.

How can I have a transponder to go legally into the A22 highway?

The transponders that YOR car hire offers you are available on arrival for all the clients that wish to have them; they do not need to be pre-booked.

How much will cost the transponder?

The transponder will have a cost of 20 euros, cash payment, and it already includes 15 euros of passages in it.
For minibus car models will have a cost of 30 euro, cash payment, and includes 25 euros of passages in it.

I know in advance, these initial 15 euros will not be enough for my journeys. How can I add more money?

On arrival should you choose to add more money to the transponder, our representatives can recharge it with a minimum of 10 euros and multiples of 10 euros, which will be added to the initial 15 euros.

I have started and finished my holidays and I did not spend the initial 15 euros. Will I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. Any amount left to use will not be possible to refund as we do not have that facility as well.

In case I decide not to use the A22, what will happen?

You need to provide the 20 euro for deposit, in cash. In case you did not use the A22 , we will refund the 20 euro.

What if I lose the transponder or return damaged?

The company will charge 57 euro+ Vat for the replacement of the new transponder. You must not take the transponder form the car, as the cameras in the motorways will identify the car with the plate number, and will consider as a crime, punish by the European Law.

What if I don't want to pay to drive in Algarve?

You can alternatively make your driving journeys through the National Road 125 (N125) and all secondary roads.

a22 toll charges information for car renters

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