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Easy faro car hire bookings for car hire in Algarve
17 years after our first internet presentation through our website and pleased with the success so far, we are proud to present the third generation of our online car rental platform in the Algarve.

We were among the first to provide an online car rental platform in the Algarve based at Faro airport. At that time, using a manual form and not as dynamic as technology allowed at that time.

Later, in 2009, we developed a dynamic application that was incorporated into the new website developed then, which already allowed a certain degree of interaction with customers and easier reception and response to car reservations allowing a waiting time between reservations. and the deliveries a lot smaller.

Our customers' response has always been positive by demonstrating not only through their comments but also - and most importantly - through their loyalty, that they appreciated our work supporting online car reservations and the help we have always provided with care and attention.

Our customers are aware that the most important thing is not to get a rental car as cheap as possible. This is important, of course, but you also know that getting a cheap car without care or assistance can be very expensive.

Now, in 2019, we proudly launched the third generation of our online car booking platform in the Algarve. More modern and more dynamic. With a new booking engine, much more interactive, much easier for the customer but also adapted for faster and more efficient service.

But above all, a responsive platform that allows full use in all access conditions through different peripherals, from the desktop computer to the modern smartphone.

Now our customers can book their rental car wherever they are 24 hours a day.

We hope to continue to earn the trust of our customers and ensure that we will always be available to provide the good rental car reservation service that our customers have been accustomed to since 2002.

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Thousands of clients rave our car hire service either online and in the ground for deliveries at Faro airport or to accommodation all over the Algarve