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Know the Algarve in Autumn / Winter driving a rental car for your trips

Algarve is not only Summer and beach and many people prefer to visit the region, and even stay in Algarve for some months out of the cold Noth Winters, during the low calm season.

How to Better Enjoy Algarve in Autumn and Winter

Autumn and Winter is a lovely time to visit the Algarve with temperatures typically 20-25 degrees Centigrade throughout September and October, with bright sunshine. Although temperatures may drop slightly during winter, the sun usually shines all day long.

The Algarve Tourism promotes a series of events able to keep the interest of all those who visit the Algarve and also to maintain a healthy activity during the fall and winter.

365 Algarve returns in October 2019

The 365 Algarve events, the programme created in 2016 to boost the number of cultural events in the region during the so-called low season, will be held between October 2019 and May 2020.

Managed by the Algarve Tourism Bureau and the Algarve Tourism Association, the programme of events will span the fields of music, theatre, gastronomy, exhibitions, literature, dance, contemporary circus acts, staged guided tours, amongst others.

The programme has created unique, authentic and surprising cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy with over 400 events that include more than 100 concerts and around 50 plays between October and December so far.

Birdwatching & Nature Activities Festival

The 10th Birdwatching & Nature Activities Festival takes place in Sagres from 10 to 13 October 2019. Sagres is a prime place to enjoy one of nature’s most awe-inspiring displays of bird migration. Birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over Europe gather to catch a glimpse of the most extraordinary birds on their way to their wintering grounds in Africa.

As Summer ends and the weather begins to turn, a wave of birds sweeps across Europe, from north to south. Those heading to Africa have a considerable hurdle ahead: the Mediterranean. On the western side of the continent, the shortest – and therefore safest – route is across the Strait of Gibraltar. When a mishap throws the birds off route, they cross via Sagres, which is why they call it the “plain of lost birds”.

Golf Portugal Masters

In October, the world’s greatest golfers will travel to Vilamoura to take part in the Portugal Masters, and you can come and watch them in action. Considered to be one of the leading golf events, the Portugal Masters will take place on the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf course from the 24th- 27th of October 2019. With a guaranteed presence in the PGA’s European Circuit, Portugal Masters is sure to consolidate Portugal’s position as Europe’s finest golf destination.

Apart from all the cultural activities of the 365 Algarve program ranging from theater, cinema, exhibitions, jazz sessions and many others, there are always many individual or collective activities that will never allow your stay in the Algarve to be monotonous.
Walks along the coast or river, nature watching, bird watching, photography tours for photography lovers, participating in painting activities and many others are the guarantee that your stay in the Algarve in autumn and winter will always be a good one. filled with healthy activity.

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